Health Infrastructure Projects Panel_Face mask

BPSM was recently awarded a position on the Professional Services Panel Contract for Contract Administration and Superintendent Services to the Department of Health (Tas).

This panel manages suppliers of professional services for the budgeted, upcoming health capital projects for the Tasmanian Health Service and other areas of Health, including Ambulance Tasmania and Community and Mental Health Services.

BPSM offers the Department of Health (DoH) a management team with a combination of strong methodology, planning, strategy, and health design capability; together with demonstrated experience, knowledge of the Government’s standards, and an understanding of the DOH/THS culture and the expectations of individual health providers within the DoH.

The BPSM team has extensive experience in delivering successful health care facility and hospital projects. This experience provides us with a valuable understanding of the everyday requirements and procedures needed for the provision of facilities and infrastructure to enable world-class Model of Care service provision, including programming, access, ageing site wide infrastructure, infection control and maintaining a health care facility’s operations.