Architecture – Interior Design – Project Management

BPSM Architects can deliver an individually tailored and comprehensive design process, engaging you in all aspects of the project to ensure a successful project you can be proud of

BPSM Architects has been practicing for more than 60 years

No project is too small.  We can provide a full service for simple house extensions to multi-million dollar government projects.

Our architects and designers collaborate, research, and apply sustainable practices to create rich and fulfilling architecture.

Our architects and designers will work closely with you, listening to your ideas and concerns to understand your desires and goals, and then craft a project team whose skills and collaborative approach will deliver the best possible result.

BPSM Architects aims to meet expectations with a built project that is not only attractive, sympathetic and complementary to its location, but also meets your budget and timelines.

We continuously strive to stay at the forefront of the latest trends, social movements, regulations and standards, and testing new grounds in building design. Combining this with our wide-ranging experience across Tasmania and the mainland, BPSM has the skills and know-how to ensure a successful project, completed to the highest quality with close attention to detail, timeline and budget.

As designers of the built environment, our goal is to provide our clients unique concepts for how they inhabit and experience their buildings and the space around them.

BPSM has a rich architectural history, take a look at how it all got started.

What We Offer

We have the experience and ability to deliver sustainable, site-specific solutions to suit a range of design challenges


Our team offers an ideal blend of highly skilled architects and fresh young designers to personally design each building to meet your individual needs

Interior Design

Keep ahead of the times with high quality and innovative interior design

Project Management

BPSM provides a seamless interface between the design services and the on-site building team, leaving you to enjoy watching your project come to life

Masterplanning and Studies

Strategic project evaluation and master planning services with and up-to-date information on current planning schemes

Environmentally Sustainable Design

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) is a critical part of good design and BPSM Architects integrates and reviews ESD at all stages of the design process to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment and create comfortable, healthy and sustainable homes and workplaces.

BPSM Architects on site