Overhead view of the residence at Pressing Matters Winery, which has undergone some alterations and revamping

Pressing Matters Construction Nearing Completion

Mercury newspaper article describing the new cardiology unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital by BPSM Architects.

New RHH Cardiology Unit Opens as part of the J Block Redevelopment Project

Mercury newspaper article describing the newly refurbished endoscopy unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital by BPSM Architects.

Tasmania’s Premier Tours Stage 1 of the RHH Endoscopy Refurbishment

RHH Endoscopy Procedure Room Nearing Completion

Springfield Gardens Primary School Demolition Complete

2022 Enduring Architecture Award - Clarence Council Chambers, Hobart, BPSM

Award for Enduring Architecture – Clarence Council Chambers

BPSM Architects awarded AIA 2022 Enduring Architecture Award for Clarence Council Chambers (1974) in Rosny Park, Hobart.

Derwent Sailing Squadron (DSS)

The new Derwent Derwent Sailing Squadron (DSS) sailor facilities were recently opened, partly funded by a community grant. These new facilities are primarily for the use of disabled sailors and marina users.

Bill Shugg’s “Courtyard House”

Salamanca Fresh, Bellerive - exterior of local Hobart supermarket in construction

Building Works Progress at Salamanca Fresh, Bellerive

Building works at the Salamanca Fresh, Bellerive site continues to progress, with all structure and framing now in place and the over-all design now taking shape.

Mineral Resources Tasmania - Mornington Upgrade Stage 1 works

Mineral Resources Tasmania – Mornington Site Stage 1

The stage 1 works at the Mineral Resources Tasmania site in Mornington are getting closer to completion with exterior walls and roofing structures now in place.