Masterplanning and Studies

We have over 60 years experience in strategic project evaluation and master planning services

BPSM maintains up-to-date information on current planning schemes, assessing each project individually and providing maximum design flexibility within the planning framework, on a local and global level.

We make masterplanning your project easy.

Examples of some of the studies carried out by BPSM Architects are:

Planning Construction Architect Build
  • RHH Strategic Asset Management Plan
    For, and in conjunction with, the Royal Hobart Hospital, we worked closely with the RHH Project Manager to provide overarching input relating to existing building stock, urban design, macro campus masterplan and organisation, planning access, traffic issues, possible programming and staging, analysis of past building programmes and effects of new buildings.
  • RHH Medical Precinct Study for Central Hobart
    In conjunction with the Royal Hobart Hospital and the University of Tasmania.  We worked closely with the RHH Project Manager to explore the possibilities of using the immediate surrounds to expand/consolidate the Hospital and University relationship, including the placement of a new Menzies Centre.  The study included the use of existing buildings and the rationale of actually creating a defined precinct along Collins Street.
  • Verve Village at Compton Downs
    Coupling 180 retirement and affordable housing units, commercial centre and independent living units.  This masterplan came out of a major study and masterplan executed for the existing elderly care facility to identify expansion possibilities, the streamlining of operational practices and the provision of new services. The provision of an independent living unit complex allied to the facility was seen as a rational adjustment to the campus, while still allowing future realignment in expansion of existing and new services.
  • Community Health Facility Masterplan
    A proposal for a client requiring masterplanning and presentation images for a funding application.
  • Wellington Vista at Kingston
    39 independent living units in a staged, medium density project.  This project was masterplanned to provide a light and cohesive set of dwellings to truly express a village feel, while not compromising quality of life.  This will act as the controlling document for the next stage of the project.
  • Student Housing for the University of Tasmania (UTAS)
    Comprising 173 units completed and 47 in planning.  This student housing project emanated from a feasibility study to test the budget and define a location for the complex based on a number of criteria including expansion, access, appropriateness of location, environmental issues, community, and connection to the University. We also provided design and masterplan services for the expansion of this accommodation, adjacent to the existing units, and design and masterplan services for a similar expansion in Launceston.
  • Pro-bono Education Projects, India
    These projects were located in various parts of India including Agra, Gopalpur, and Pratapgarh. The nature of the projects ranged from masterplanning, through to construction documentation of educational facilities, as well as residential/boarding houses.

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) is an integral part of all BPSM’s design developments.  Find out more: