Helping you to turn your Vision into a Reality

With over 70 years of practice we have delivered an wide variety of projects and found each have their own complexities and sensitivities.  To achieve success we design and manage resources, tailoring and assessing them against each project.

We are respected by, and have positive professional relationships with, local authorities and consultants.  These relationships help maintain our design intent throughout building procurement and authority assessments.

We have a healthy balance of young and old team members with fresh and tried methodologies.  We aim for client satisfaction and have been rewarded with long lasting client business relationships.

New clients are always encouraged and we welcome all sorts of projects and client needs.  As a professional practice, we provide a full architectural and planning service and tailor our service and documentation to suit our clients’ needs.

Project types most common to BPSM are civil, retail fit outs, aged care, commercial, financial fit outs, education, high density residential and health care.

We have also created and steered some highly successful environmental and heritage projects.

Below are a few key projects by BPSM Architects.