• A building is not just a building.

    A building is a statement.

  • A house is not just a house.

    A house is a home.

  • A client is not just a client.

    A client is a visionary.

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Locations in Hobart and Other Major Cities, Nationwide

Nurturing Vision into Reality

What BPSM Architects can offer

Choosing the right architect can mean the difference between creating an innovative masterpiece or enduring countless delays, budget overruns and an end product that doesn’t work as well as it could.

At BPSM Architects, we pride ourselves on getting to know and becoming part of, your vision.  We believe every project is worthy of incorporating leading design elements and our work always strives to achieve the perfect balance between function and design.

As Australia’s first incorporated architectural practice, this philosophy has stood the test of time. Our driven and passionate team is the perfect blend of highly experienced architects and exciting young designers who keep fresh ideas flowing – something we have cultivated during our 70+ years in business.

  • Architecture

    The BPSM team will take your dream and translate it into an inspiring design.

  • Interior Design

    Keep ahead of the times with high quality, innovative, interior design.

  • Project Management

    BPSM provides a seamless interface between the design services and the on-site building team, leaving you to enjoy watching your dream come to life.

  • Masterplanning and Studies

    We have over 60 years experience in strategic project evaluation and master planning services and up-to-date information on current planning schemes.

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BPSM Architects: Building great smart innovative modern detailed dynamic thoughtful heritage creative architecture

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