Taking Shape – Kingston Health Centre

The works at the Kingston Health Centre are taking shape as the walls, window frames, and roof trusses are now going up. The form of the grand entryway is also coming to life, and the north-facing, level 1 windows are being framed up, with some stunning Mt Wellington vistas now peeking through. 

The honeycomb design of the exterior entry facade was designed by BPSM’s Senior Interior Designer, Gillian Page-Lee, and is the start of a broader, biophilic design plan, (biophilia – human nature’s instinctive bond with the natural world), for both the façade and the interiors. The philosophy of nature healing is based on the idea that materials evocative of natural surroundings increase the feeling of wellness in the end users.

Asphalt also made an appearance on the new road way to the Centre this week, making a marked difference to the streetview, and access to the site.