Mineral Resources Tasmania, Mornington Upgrade

Hobart, Tasmania

Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT) operates a core library, rock store and laboratory complex at Mornington, on Hobart’s Eastern Shore, to manage the state’s mineral resources and provide essential information for exploration and land management in Tasmania.

The focus of MRT is to produce and promote geoscientific information on Tasmania as an aid to the mineral exploration industries, other government agencies and the general public, in order to improve the use of the state’s resources and to promote sustainable land-use planning and environmental management.

The Mornington project was envisaged as a site re-design to provide integrated and efficient functional workflow that builds upon the strong workplace culture of innovation and delivery of highly valuable and specialised information to stakeholders.

The site re-design encompassed the following works:

  • A major upgrade to the existing Mineral Core Library – a reference archive of drill core and drill cuttings, to greatly increase capacity
  • Development of a secure hazardous material facility
  • Form a hub for sensitive and fragile equipment and documents
  • Additional laboratories with the latest technology and equipment
  • A contemporary technical and administration office.