Strahan's current, outdated Community Sports Centre - BPSM Architects engaged to redevelop these facilities

West Coast Sports Centres

West Coast, Tasmania

BPSM Architects has been engaged on the West Coast Sports Centres project to redevelop the outdated and dilapidated community and sporting facilities for both Strahan and Zeehan by the West Coast Council.

Strahan Recreation and Sports Centre

This project replaces the dilapidated tin shed currently used as a gym and a donated, reused mining site’s relocatable toilet block.

This is a major community facility used for events such as major community events, CWA events, and community sports. The new facility will include the reconstruction of the tennis court, an indoor sports hall, cardio weights room, kitchen, and facilities to support the Center.

Security and access control was essential as the Centre will be unmanned by staff, relying on a Council-operated remote booking and access system. The facility will also act as a community meeting and refuge area for times of natural disaster.

Zeehan Sports Centre and Pool

This project for the West Coast Council involves the re-development of the 1960’s pool and squash court facility to provide contemporary training and recreational opportunities for the residents of Zeehan, including gym and cardio facilities that are heavily used by the fly-in-fly-out mining workers. The recreational side of the pool, which is predominantly used during the summer months, includes a space for teaching water safety to children, and a separate general-purpose room for community meetings, functions, and staff training. Careful planning was required to reduce the staff required to manage the facility, whilst still offering 24-hour access to cater for the mining shift-workers use patterns.