We’re a Member of ArPM

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BSPM Architects is a member of ArPM

BPSM Architects is a major shareholder in ArPM Pty Ltd, a joint venture architecture company with offices in major locations throughout the country. The ArPM head office is in Canberra, with offices in Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, and Hobart.

ArPM is a group of allied design and project consulting practices, providing a network of integrated offices, infrastructure, specialist resources and professionals across Australia. ArPM has a large pool of professional staff available to provide cost effective, region specific and compliant building solutions, this enables us to select and apply professionals with specialist expertise to any project, irrespective of location.

With access to a large pool of skilled Architects, Interior Designers, Project Consultants, Access Consultants, Health Planners, Occupational Therapists, and Safety in Design Consultants, ArPM brings with it a wealth of experience and specialist industry knowledge, in a diverse range of sectors.

This allows us to draw upon specific sector expertise and identify relevant ‘trends’, bringing innovation and value to each project.

ArPM’s operations are focussed outside of Tasmania, and are structured to support BPSM’s local operations.