A little bit about BPSM Architects

Our practice philosophy encourages our designers to collaborate, research and apply sustainable practices to create rich and fulfilling architecture.

BPSM Architects has been practicing for more than 60 years

Located in Battery Point, we are exposed to an array of clients ranging from commercial, private and government sectors.

No project is too small.  We can provide a full service for simple house extensions to multi-million dollar government projects.

BPSM has a rich architectural history, have a look to see how it all got started.

As a professional practice, we strive for excellence and pride ourselves on delivering a product which meets expectations, is attractive, sympathetic and complementary to its location.

We follow simple, tried-and-true formulas when it comes to building procurement. Accurate client/user briefs along with extensive research and testing ensure the longevity of the final product.

With increasing pressures on a clients’ project budget, we work closely with clients and specialists to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. BPSM strives to be an industry leader by learning from previous building models and practices, keeping up with the latest trends and social movements and testing new grounds in building design.

Our architects and interior designers strive for a balance between form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and performance. We listen to our clients’ ideas and concerns to understand their goals and then craft project teams whose collaborative approach will deliver the best possible result.

As designers of the built environment, BPSM’s goal is to bring our clients unique concepts in how they inhabit and experience their buildings and the space around them.

We have the experience and ability to deliver sustainable, site-specific solutions to a range of design challenges. Our architects and designers collaborate, research and apply sustainable practices to create rich and fulfilling architecture.

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